Revelado:Conquista do DLC de Resident Evil operation raccoon city

Secret Achievement - Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement - 35G

Rocket Socket – Kill 5 enemies with a Rocket Launcher - 15G

Happy Trails – Complete By the Trail of Our Dead – 20G

Hot Pants – Complete I Now Know Why You Cry – 20G

Oh Yeah!!! - Complete Nothing is as it Seems – 20G

Boom Worse than Bite – 13 Bomb Dogs Detonated - 30G

Ticket to the Gun Show – As Tweed, use C4 to open door in Foundry – 25G

Ladies Night – Beat an Echo Six Expansion Pack mission with the 3 female characters in your party – 30G

Who needs Guns? - Complete an Echo Six Expansion Pack mission without killing anything with a gun 30G

Bigger They Are – Complete Longest Yard – 20G

Leave no Dead Man Behind – Kill every zombie in the Park before leaving – 25G

Birth of an Abomination – Complete Root of All Evil – 20G

Derailed – Complete The Places We're Meant to Die – 20G

Tyranical – 5 Tyrants Slain – 15G

Burning Inside – Kill Another Player with Crucible in a Foundry Versus Match – 15G

Delivery Specialist – Deliver all 5 Virus Samples for your team in Dispatch's Biohazard Mode – 50G

Turret's Syndrome – Shut Down or Destroy 5 Turrets – 20G

Boys Club – Beat an Echo Six Expansion Pack mission with the 3 male characters in your party – 30G

Supernaut – 3 Super Tyrants Slain – 30G

Divided We Fall – Complete an Echo Six Expansion Pack mission with no human player incapacitated from death or infection – 30G

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